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Tournament Killer Poker By The Numbers

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Tournament Killer Poker by the Numbers teaches players how to take the mentality of a chess player with them to the poker table by showing them how to evaluate the expected distribution of chips associated with lines of play, since in tournaments the expected distribution of chips determines the expected profit. It also includes many exercises drawn from situations that are commonly encountered in tournaments (as well as some very unique, rarely encountered ones), enabling readers to practise what they they have learned.


Only about a third of online tournament players are profitable. And with higher tournament fees and dealer tipping, the percentage of profitable live tournament players is probably even smaller. Just becoming a break-even tournament player is an accomplishment–especially because today’s players are tougher than ever. But who plays poker to break even? Tournament Killer Poker by the Numbers shows you how to play for blood. Tony Guerrera gives you a strong theoretical understanding of tournament dynamics and the ability to read and adapt to your opponents. Don’t let the math scare you. From abstract theory to in-depth studies of specific situations drawn from no-limit hold’em tournaments of all kinds—single table, multi-table, shorthanded, heads-up, rebuy, and shootouts—Tournament Killer Poker by the Numbers gives you the knowledge you need to play no-limit hold’em tournaments profitably. You’ll learn: * The importance of blind structure and payout structure * How to map relative chip counts to monetary equity * When to accumulate chips * When to preserve chips * How various player archetypes think and play * And much more! Learn the tools and the skills you need to take your results to the next level. Break deep into the top third—and bring home the money! Tony Guerrera studied physics at Caltech and has used his analytic skills and mathematical background to establish a winning poker record at a wide range of stakes in many different venues. He also was a contributor to Killer Poker Online/2 by John Vorhaus. These days, he spends a lot of time multi-tabling no-limit cash games and tournaments online.

Mer information

Bredd 13.8
Höjd 20.8
Djup 2.2
Författare Tony Guerrera, Annie Duke
Upplaga 1
Förlag/Distributör Kensington Pub Corp
Utgiven December 2008
Språk Engelska
Sidor 423
Band Pocket
ISBN-10 0818407239
ISBN-13 9780818407239
Vikt 300 gram


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